Statement from Roger Koukkoullis

Airport “Just Culture” is one of our strategic assets.

We openly prioritise safety, which is demonstrated through attitude, competence and commitment. The resulting testament to these continuing efforts is a dependable resilience. Our organic and compelling obligation towards the “Just Culture” is much more than a priority. It’s a core value.

The significance to safety is that it drives many commensurate behaviours which are universal to aviation. Underpinning this is the willingness for open learning and co-operation. This qualitative energy is a platform for all airport stakeholders and business partners to share experiences.

Last year was the safest on record for aviation globally. Yet our focus remains on the unconditional requirement to achieve the most effective outcomes and continue our quest for improvement.

“UK Airports Safety Week” endeavours to demonstrate all these principles.

Good luck with the planning and delivery of your campaign in 2018.

Roger Koukkoullis
Operations & Safety Director
Airport Operators Association