London City Airport

This year, AOA UK Airports Safety Week was London City Airport’s (LCY) biggest ever, engaging staff from across the airport, our local community, Gatwick and even airports in Switzerland, Iceland, Czech Republic and Norway.

Building and maintaining a safety culture is vital to our operations and license to operate. Our mission for the week was obviously to build awareness but to do it in a fun and engaging fashion. And hopefully you’ll see from my Safety Week diary we did just that.


At the beginning of the week passengers were our focus and staff were deployed to engage them through playing an interactive Airside Safety game. This helped raise airside safety awareness by asking passengers to view airside images and explain what the safety message was behind them.

It was a great opportunity to meet some of our regular passengers, including two who work for the World Health Organisation who were hugely impressed with the work we were doing.


Wednesday’s focus was on staff and we held a ‘Cake and Safety’ day which saw LCY hire out a gate lounge and serve both delicious cake and important safety and security sessions.

Over 200 members of staff came along were able to meet our mascot for the day, ‘Airside Andy’, who cordially invited them to be a part of the events. ‘Airside Andy’ was the brainchild of Peter Le Masurier, who whilst waiting for a flight, looked out of the terminal building and decided to base an educational game on the airside environment. Andy was a huge hit and we look forward to using him at future events at the airport.


Thursday morning was an early start for the Airside Safety team, who went to Gatwick Airport to spend the day with their Airfield Operations and Safety teams to learn more about their procedures and practices. It was an action packed day that included going out on the airfield with the bird control unit, a runway inspection, a foreign object debris (FOD) walk as well as attending a safety review group meeting. This experience was invaluable and highlighted how we can adapt things and share expertise with other airports to ensure safety is paramount in our day-to-day operation.


In a first for the airport during AOA UK Airports Safety Week, we engaged our local community. As a metropolitan airport in the heart of East London, the relationship we have with our local residents in crucial to our operations. It’s also vital that they are reassured and understand just how safety is core to everything that we do. That’s why we decided to visit Drew Primary School, which is a stone’s throw from the airport.

The students got to learn about personal protective equipment (PPE), safety aboard an aircraft, traffic controller duties and Metropolitan Police responsibilities. Alongside this, they had the chance to meet Managers and front line service staff as well as go on board our Airfield Operations and Police vehicles. Each pupil was awarded with a bag containing loads of goodies whilst winners of the poster competition were recipients of fantastic prizes that included an Amazon Fire tablet, Smart Watches and an Airport Lego set. The students provided excellent feedback and are eager for LCY staff to visit again.


On a cloudy Saturday morning we saw over 20 members of staff brave the elements to take part in LCY’s first ever ‘Run for FOD’ event (FOD being the acronym used for ‘foreign object debris’). The daring runners were awarded with complimentary snacks, customized t-shirts as well as the right to boast about running on the runway.We also raised over £250 for our Airport Charity, Richard House Children’s Hospice.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who got involved and we encourage other departments to get in touch if they would like to be involved in up-coming events.

Harry Harrad, Airside Safety and Compliance Manager