Leeds Bradford Airport

Here at Leeds Bradford Airport, we had a very busy and productive second annual UK Airports Safety Week.

As a growing airport with continuous development, we are always striving to engage all business partners across our site as well as community members. This was the perfect opportunity to implement the widest programme of activities possible, to ensure that we could engage, inspire, educate and inform throughout.

Our week included a tour of the runway, apron, fire station and terminal building for more than 30 pupils from Pool Primary School; who visited the airport for five hours to see all operations running at LBA. They even got the opportunity to help the operations team check the runway for foreign object debris.

It was fantastic to see the positive impact the tour had on their day. I really hope that it inspired them to think about a career in aviation because of the varied roles we all play in order to ensure everything operate smoothly and passengers are on their travels as quickly as possible.

Another of our activities included showcasing aircraft to non-operational staff and giving a safety demonstration. This was really well received and provided a good opportunity for people to ask questions that will help in their roles across LBA too. In addition, we also ran a session about accessibility for passengers with disabilities, a workshop by the fire service and a tour of airside operations.

Again, we received positive feedback about hosting these sessions as people across the business were able to learn and develop their understanding of each topic. Organising and hosting the week was very worthwhile for us; we want to put all that we can into hosting such important topics and across the airport it was good to see the engagement it prompted.

Overall, the week gave a very hands-on way of demonstrating the important aspect of safety and what role it plays in every day functions at LBA. We are certainly looking forward to next year’s Airports Safety Week and will once again look to put in place numerous activities to highlight how safety is at the very heart of what we do.

Richard Duncan, Head of Airfield Services