Humberside Airport

Humberside Airport was delighted to be part of the overall success of UK Airports Safety Week 2017. Our theme of ‘knowledge through sharing experiences’ set out a mixture of discussions, practical operational demonstrations, competitions with prizes and visits across the whole airport involving airport staff, tenants and the local community. A social media campaign was run in conjunction on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn reaching a worldwide audience.  The week proved to be eventful, educational and of equal importance enjoyable.

Visits to Unifly and UK Search and Rescue gave everyone a chance to get up close and personal with the EC-135 and S-92 helicopters and learn more in depth about the roles carried out ranging from maintaining renewable energy wind farms to carrying out rescue missions in demanding situations. After a visit to ATC, staff were quite literally ‘hands on’ when it came to carrying out the midweek “Foreign Object Debris” (FOD) walk followed by a themed afternoon learning about operations with fuel services and rescue firefighting services, culminating in a dramatic fuel fire demonstration at our training site.

Human Resources focused on the potential for impacts on safety should policy and procedures not be followed. Counter Terrorism & Security operational talks were covered over three sessions to give everyone a greater insight into behind the scenes work carried out whilst everyone goes about their normal daily routine. External presentations from the Environmental Agency made certain that context was placed on the potential impact of our activities on the wider population such as the consequence of spillage on the environment. Our Friday afternoon spectacular was a great success with a Health & Wellbeing session in the terminal building passenger check in area from a two times World Champion Bench Press Winner. Staff and passengers learned about how correct diet and exercise can have a positive impact on your ability to work.

The week finished off on the Sunday when the rescue firefighting services came to the terminal and gave practical first aid and general fire safety demonstrations along with tours of the fire vehicles for the public attending the travel show.

With the Safety Week at a close our work still wasn’t over as we had to check all the entries to the different quizzes handed out over the week and smiles were brought to the faces of the winning staff. Our ‘Behind the Scenes Tour’ prize was announced on the following Tuesday with a family from North Cotes being picked out from nearly 4,000 entries on our Facebook Competition.

As a team we are extremely proud of what we have achieved this year and we will continue to build on the foundations we have made and promote a positive safety culture not only during safety week but throughout the years to come.