Heathrow Airport

Our objective at Heathrow this year was to bring safety issues to the attention of the entire community at the airport and I was really thrilled that during the week we reached hundreds of people working in different jobs across all the terminals.

What we aimed to do was to take safety to the people and to make safety personal and we were helped enormously in that by the commitment of our 23 partners and of our chief executive officer, John Holland-Kaye, who spent an hour meeting all the exhibitors.

On our first day at Terminal 5, as you would expect, the biggest turn-out was from British Airways staff, but we also had engagement from fuel suppliers, caterers and engineers, including employees of Swissport Fuels, ASIG Fuels, Gate Gourmet, DHL Catering, Auto Glass, Mace, HAL Engineering and Omniserv.

Our second day at Terminal 2 was a huge success and we reached about six hundred people, which I thought was a brilliant achievement.  One of the biggest successes was the health bus, which was a very popular attraction.  A few people were referred to their doctor for high blood pressure, so, hopefully, we have even helped to improve the personal safety of some of our colleagues.

Day 3 at Terminal 3 was a lovely sunny day and that was perfect for our theme of safe fuelling.  ASIG’s exhibition on this was heavily subscribed to and very well-received.  I think that we had close to 800 visitors.

We probably achieved our most diverse mix of staff on the fourth day at Terminal 4 and I was especially pleased to see lots of check in and boarding agents, which was very positive and suggested that our message was really getting out to the whole community.  We put a lot of focus on the escorting of construction vehicles around the airfield and gave everyone the opportunity to get into a digger and see the view from the driver’s seat and why it is so important not to get between the digger and the escort vehicle.

Our last day was aimed at all those who work in cargo handling and we had a great cross section of both cargo drivers and warehouse staff.  I was very happy that we managed to reach so many members of the cargo community.

Looking across the whole week I would say that our team did a great job in helping all sorts of different people who work at Heathrow to really appreciate the importance of safety and all the hard work that people put into it felt very worthwhile.

Dwayne Black, Airside Operations