Statement from Roger Koukkoullis

“UK Airports Safety Week” is demonstrating that safety is the number one priority across our AOA membership.   As a participation event we will share knowledge and experiences through activities, developing safety awareness and “leading the way in airport safety”.

The AOA thank all our airports for taking part last year in the inaugural AOA “UK Airports Safety Week”.  A tremendous effort ensured it was a hugely successful event in which over 3,000 people participated.

I am delighted this event has the recognition and support of the Civil Aviation Authority, which is a reflection of the collaborative engagement which continues takes place.   The AOA is pleased also to welcome our supporting Safety Partners;

Ground Handling Operations Safety Team (GHOST), the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) and UK Flight Safety Committee (UKFSC).

As we partake in the UK largest airports safety event, we wish you good luck with your own airport experience. I remain passionate and privileged to be representing the issues which matter to us all. We all continue to work to keep our airports as safe as can be, may we never lose sight of this.

Roger Koukkoullis, Operations & Safety Director, AOA