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Today we are living in a world where requirement increases drastically year by year and the time we have to attend training is limited. Visiting airports and taking part in an actual event like UK Airports Safety Week is therefore highly appreciated.

Safety promotion concerns everybody and our insight into UK Airports Safety Week was very valuable in helping us to better understand the concept, how to plan and execute such an event going forward. So many thanks to the organisers for letting us be part of this!

Helga R Elyjofsdottir
Director of Safety & Quality at Isavia

Václav Havel Airport Prague
One of the most valuable things in aviation safety is excellent cooperation of organisations involved in aircraft operations. UK Airports Safety Week is an example of such networking among aerodrome operators. The eye to eye meetings, site visits, sharing of information, procedures and best practice helps us all to understand hazards and risks better and to set up the best possible risk mitigation measures. I appreciate especially the willingness of colleagues from UK airports to share Safety information with other parties, despite living in the age of information security and data protection. This is the right way towards building safety culture at airports and continuously improving Safety Management Systems in Europe. It was my pleasure to be a part of UK Airports Safety Week.

Ing. Libor Kurzweil, PhD
Director of Quality, Safety and Processes Management
Prague Airport

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