Important Announcement

UK Airports Safety Week 2021 has been postponed until further notice. 

As you may be aware, airports across the country are currently facing a range of challenging externalities – not least the current outbreak of COVID-19 and its impact on airport operations. Following consultation with our airports, the AOA has decided that UK Airports Safety Week will not be going ahead in May 2021 and is postponed until further notice.

We will consult with members on the possibility of rescheduling the event later in the year and will of course update all members if a firm date is established.

Introduction to Safety Week

UK Airports Safety Week is a national event developed and coordinated by the Airport Operators Association (AOA). It is a deliberate and determined focus to promote safety improvement and development through experience and learning.


Make your safety week a success with our ideas pack and other resources.


The UK Airports Safety Week Awards have been extremely popular within the aviation industry. In the past, this yearly ceremony has taken place at AOA’s Annual Conference and Awards Dinner, usually held in the Autumn.

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